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  1. Allegan was no help. I too know they are good people there and that is the 1st call I made. Actually it was the only people I knew to call. The better news is that I got a call into Bert's today and he told me that they will have them for sure but when they bought Walker they didn't get the source for the cable but they are all over it and he acknowledged that they really need that cable as bad as I do so that makes me feel somewhat better. My rigger on the other side still works fine for temp for now but I sure want/like having ball temp on both riggers. Berts took my name and number and told me he would be with me on it soon. He even asked where I was located so he knew what time to call and when not to. I told him I don't care what time it is, when you find me one or more cables call me and I'll buy.
  2. Hello guys/gals. I used to be on here quite some time ago and fell out of it for several years due to selling my previous boat. Now I just picked up a new rig and am a little lost and need some help from any of you who may have it. Now have Grummin 223 with Walker tournament series riggers that have the temperature sense cable. One of the riggers was snagged on bottom with previous owner and so tore the thermistor off the cable. This cable is shown on the walker downrigger site still but since Berts bought them out the product is not offered by Berts. The cable I need can be seen here...http://www.walkerdownriggers.com/accessories.html. I called Nate from Great Lakes Tackle and he is at a loss because it's not found in the Berts catalog. It's the 3rd row down on the right side. This cable runs up the rigger and makes contact on the rigger via large circular conductive strip on the rigger spool on the inside. That runs to the DTS-3000. Thanks Anyone have a line on this cable?
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