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  1. Is there still a ton of green stuff at the launch that covers your boat and trailer?thinking about going out of PS tomorrow.
  2. 1 for 1. Fished from 6pm to 9pm. In 100 to 110fow. Waves made for some tough fishing but ended up landing a nice king just as we were about to pull lines. 18lb King- 60ft down on a rigger with white paddle and oceana fly.
  3. 1 for 1. Fished from 6-9:30. Started in 100 and went out to 180 with very few marks and no hits. Came back in to 120 and started marking bait and picked up a 10lb king on a white paddle with oceana fly on a rigger down 90.
  4. We did launch out of Port sheldon. Launched looked pretty good other than a thick layer of green stuff that covered my boat and trailer after I pulled it out. Had to stop at the car wash on the way home to get it off before it dried. As far as people go it wasnt any busier than normal.
  5. Went 4 for 7 on a morning trip. 2 Lakers, 1 King, 1 coho. Fished 100 to 180 Fow. What worked.... 12 in white paddle with Oceana Fly on rigger 70 down- 24lb King Uv Blue dolphin on 300cu- 4lb coho, 18lb laker Blue and chrome paddle with a blue bubble fly on high diver back 175- small laker Had 2 other releases with the big white paddle with nothing there and a lower diver with a blue flounder pounder that took a rip and came unbuttoned.
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