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  1. Thanks, anything I need to do for my profile pic to work, shows on the web but not on the app?
  2. Thank you, what's a good time to call?
  3. Thanks. Captian Sue, probably a dumb question, but brick and mortar classes to become a river guide??? Lol
  4. Hello my name is Doug, haven't been on forums in years. Last forum I was on I was SWMFDOTCOM on Michigan Sportsman. I had found a thread on here from 2006 but now can not find it, I am wanting to become a river guide for Salmon and Steelhead....... Yes I know there are many already. Can someone point me in the right direction to getting license to do so???? Feel free to PM me. I'm hoping this forum is active looking forward to interacting with fellow fisherman, will finish profile soon. Thanks
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