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  1. I am interested. Please Private Message.
  2. Great morning in Holland. We went 9 for 12 (released one small king). If we were in 333 we would have done well. Our biggest fist was 34lbs!!! Orange was the go-to color, most of our fish came in the top 50 FOW.
  3. This time of the year focus on swan bay for staging Salmon. Fish anywhere from 10 FOW to 60 FOW. When in shallow try Ace Highs and Bombers off flatlines. 30-60 FOW, go to: spoons, meat, and plugs for Kings. Steelies will be out deeper, and like anywhere else try the upper part of the water column with anything orange or red. You are likely to bump into Lakers anywhere here. If you want to venture West/North go to the 40mile pt light house and fish anywhere from 50FOW-130FOW. Here you will target steelhead, Lakers, and younger year classes of still silver kings. Here is a MDNR report from the area: http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,1607,7-153-10364-34956--,00.html#NELP. Julie does a good job a capturing what is going on in the area.
  4. Two manual cannon downriggers in great condition. $175 takes them both. Shipping can be negotiated.
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