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  1. It was good to meet you and your crew at the campground. Looking forward to fishing more events with you in the future. We also fished north and covered about the same depth of water as you. The only spoon that we didnt get any hits on was last night bait, and that is because we never put it in the water. I lost count at 13 for 18. My daughter was exhausted by the time we were done. She had a blast.
  2. Thankyou Rich for putting on this event. To me this one is the most enjoyable. I think everybody is in agreement with me on that we appreciate all the hard work you do to put this event on. Also thankyou dreamweaver for allowing us to do this format for the event. And I would also like to thank the ladies at fishermans landing for putting up with all of us and making the event more enjoyable.
  3. my boat name and handle on the radio as well as screen name is "sarah c". reason for choosing the name even though people mistake me for a lady is because of my fishing buddy and best friend and daughter Sarah Christina Norton.
  4. I know that other states have a limit of five fish of any kind. I heard a rumor that the Michigan DNR was considering changing our limit to five fish of any kind. I was wondering if anybody had heard this and if they might be considering the change in the future. Just curious and wondering if anybody had heard this.
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