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  1. That's what makes it worth the wait. So few salmons but your heart takes an extra beat every time you hear that clicker take off... Down outside southern Sweden there's a fishing more like yours in style and weight as the salmon live and feed down there.
  2. Yes, and it's 7 rods most of the time I think. (Spare rod do no good in the cabin...) No problem really. Stacked 10 feet apart and with about 8 feet difference in length. More than 8 feet increases the risk of tangle when the fish strikes. Standard in the Baltic is to stack 6 downrigger rods on a pair of downriggers.
  3. pBdQAChSB28 Hi folks, I've watched and enjoyed shows like the Salmon Showdown and thought that I must get into some Great Lakes forum and learn some more. This post however shows a 10 minutes compilation videon from our salmon fishing outside Stockholm in Sweden, June 2014. Some speech is in swedish though. A special kind of fishing on migrating salmon with a really high average weight (roughly 20lb) but few numbers. A salmon a day is good! Top fish in the video is 18,4kg/40lb 9 ounces i think. So, not a Great lakes video but always nice with some perspective and learn some more. Thats why I'm here! =)
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