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  1. I run mainly spin doctors, hot spots, oki flashers and a few hooches
  2. Check out the Bert's rod rohlders. The metal ones they make are nice and at $69 each you can't really beat them. I also prefer church boards. Great boards for anything shorter than 300 coppers (tx 22). Then I use there 44 boards
  3. Thanks for the reply, I also am not fond of the cold water and wire combo. That's why I want to try some Catalina's.
  4. I got into the cold waters this past season and I like them a lot. Pretty nice drags. Drags adjust good is small increments. I like how the spool lever has good clearance from the line counter. Line counters are smooth and very clear. I'm running 7 or 8 of them. Going to put some Catalina's on the wire divers for next season though.
  5. Thanks guys, Frank I live in Linwood. Slip the boat over in ludington though
  6. New to the forum, my names Richard. Have a new to me this past spring 94' 285 Fisherman baba cruisers. Don't have many pictures since my phone broke and had to get a new one. Have changed a lot since pulling it out of he water in sept. 2 new cannon mag 10 stx tournament series, changed up the tracks, traxstech verticle rod trees and the list goes on lol.
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