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  1. Fellow Fishers, I am thinking of repowering my 2001 18' deep-v Lowe with a 70 hp 4 stroke, I currently have a 2000 90 hp Johnson 2 stroke. Looking for a motor a few years old in excellent condition from someone going to a larger motor for there boat. Thanks
  2. Fellow Fishers, Never used leadcore but have seen several shows where it is used. I have a few questions so please be patient. First is a mono backer used on the reel first and then tie the leadcore to it? How is the leader tied to the leadcore, is a barrel swivel used? and lastly, are you using floating lures or can a diving lure also be used and will the depth of the diving lure be affected? Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks
  3. Fellow Fishers, I would like to buy a few DJH's and need some advice on size and hot colors. I see that the DJH10 runs 7'-16' trolling and the DJH12 runs 8'-19', If I purchase DJH10's and need to go alittle deeper can I just add some in line weights? Am I correct in buying the 10's and what colors seem to work the best? Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks
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