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  1. Thanks, much appreciated.
  2. Dude, I love them...the interesting part was there were two of us that wanted to buy the boat, and the other guy wanted to take them off. When he found out the work involved he backed out, very glad he had a brain fart that day.
  3. Big Country, they came with the boat. I would suggest going to the Crestliner site and see if you can order them. Otherwise, I'm sure EBay has them. Hope that helps Scottie
  4. Thanks "P"...plan to get out Tuesday as the weather's going to warm.
  5. P1 thanks for the holla....I fish an active quarry that I began stocking 20 plus years ago. I just bought a boat and a license to start fishing everywhere....thanks for the support....much appreciated from all.
  6. One of 27 we caught today...weather sucked, but the walleye were still biting.
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