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  1. Hooks are sharp. But I'll go over them again to be sure. Releases are the yellow Scotty's. They take a good tug to set off and I keep the rods loaded right up in them. Keep the suggestions coming guys. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm gonna switch over to small spoons and see if it helps at all. Does anyone know of a good 2.5"-3" yellowtail patterned spoon?
  2. Hey guys I'm new to the forum, long time salmon/trout guy. We're nailing Atlantic's in the twin soo's here right now, but me and some pards are having a hell of a time keeping them on...its driving me nuts. They'll pop the release and shake for a few seconds, then puke the hook and take off. Its happening at fast speeds, slow speeds, up river and down. We're losing 2/3's or more of out hookups. Running regular size silver streaks, and stingers. I had an old timer tellme I was using too big of spoons. That the fish were hitting the spoon and the hook was outside their mouths, so I ran a walleye dreamer spoon...hooked into one and lost it...I'm going nuts!!!
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