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  1. Ran north almost up to GH. Caught a 4 man limit of lake trout, 2 kings and a steelhead. Also lost 2 silver bites. North and South troll, all bites in 110-115.


    Chrome spinnies with white, pink polka dot spin n glos took all the trout on riggers.


    But the important stuff...


    225 Cu yellow submarine 1/2 (steelhead and lost a silver)


    225 Cu RV dancing anchovy 1/1 (king)


    High diver back 220 hawg wild sd moo moo meat 1/1 (23 lb king)


    High diver back 200 blue frog sd blue meat 0/1 Never saw this bite! We checked all our meat and the strip was gone but 2 big scales were left on the treble hook! Must've bit in the wee hours of the morning when you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.


    Thank goodness for trout man...


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  2. Had some steady king action at least early on. Started in 110 and worked our way out to 150. Best action was 150 where we finally found some cold water at 80 foot down, although we did have a few bites inside of that depth. We ended 5-9, all fish lost were silver. Started north and worked south all morning.


    1-2 rigger down 80 glow meat rig UV green spinny (steelhead)


    0-2 braid diver back 180 blue meat rig UV blue spinny


    1/1 wire diver 140 back 10" nbk spinny proctologist fly (20 lb king)


    0/1 wire diver back 160 yellow meat rig UV mixed veggie spinny


    1/1 braid diver back 200 chrome mtn dew proctologist fly (king)


    525 copper (yes you heard me) nbk spinny proctologist fly 1/1 (lake trout)


    1/1 225 Cu super slim UV JagerBomb (steel)




    Would've been nice to land a few more of those kings. I guess the meat rig hooks weren't working quite right. All fish really put a hammer down on the rods and screamed drag but got unbuttoned within a minute.


    Good luck to anyone fishing Big Red this weekend! I'm not fishing it and just thought I'd stir the pot. Hehe.


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  3. I'm 3hrs from manistee. I use to net them with smelt nets in lake charlevoix when they came in to spawn. But haven't seen them in more than 15 years. Right now if wanted any kind of bait for meat rigs I would have to order online.

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    The online stuff works well too! Much easier that's for sure. Familiar Bite makes very good strips, sometimes I even re freeze them and use them again. Just don't spend money on Dreamweaver strips, they use ballyhoo and it just isn't the same in any aspect.

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  4. Tough day, sometimes you just gotta be thankful for trout. We went 10/11 fishing 90-110 fow just north of spyglass mostly. All trout. Only had one silver bite all morning and it really was a pig. I don't think I've heard a dipsy rod scream like that before, but only for a second because he broke the fly leader.


    400 Cu mtn dew spinny/yellow bead mirage fly 1/1


    300 Cu UV mixed veggie spinny/proctologist fly 1/1


    High diver back 140 net minders showtime spinny/ Blue bubble fly 0/1 (silver)


    Rigger bottom UV frog spinny/ watermellon spin n glo 3/3


    Rigger bottom UV frog spinny/pink dot spn n glo 5/5


    Trout are real small this year, all about 3 lbs for us all year. Anybody find any silvers today? Awfully quiet on the radio!






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