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  1. I've got a hds-9 gen II touch for sale. Used for one season. Comes with head unit and gimbal bracket. No transducer or cables included. Have original box and instruction manual also. Asking $1400 tyd.
  2. I do know of posiedon flies. I actually run them and have had some good sucess with them.
  3. Just joined the site and have read quite a bit of useful information already. Live in racine,wi so that is my primary port and have been fishing Lake Michigan for about 15 years now but always learning. I fish out of a ranger 620 fisherman with 2 cannon electric riggers off the back. I'm a full time firefighter so any opportunity I get to get out on the pond between work and family then I do so. Looking forward to reading and learning more as I go. Great site so far!
  4. Thanks for the link. I should have been more clear, I'm looking for some wire dipsy setups to use in conjunction with my slide diver setups.
  5. I'm looking for (2) wire dipsy combos 8'6"-9' long. Currently use slide diver setups but would also like to add some wire dipsys to my setup.
  6. A late May limit of mostly coho. Caught off of racine on typical coho rigs.
  7. I have (2) new size 4 lurk disco divers in uv clear color for sale. Bought 4 but only ended up using 2 of them. Will take $35 shipped for them.
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