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  1. We fish Stingers mostly in combinations of black/glow/green. Our two most productive spoons are the UV Tuxedo and Seasick Waddler.
  2. We trailer to the ports of the tournaments we fish, then slip the boat if necessary for the tourney.
  3. Thanks guys! My team is looking forward to a great season!! It doesn't look like a lot of chatter from the Lake Ontario region is going on here - maybe we can change that or at least add to it! Good luck to all this season!!
  4. Stinger UV Tuxedos and Seasick Waddlers did the most damage for us last year - any size, any speed, any depth in the water column, all season long!
  5. A-TOM-MIK's all the way! They hold up the best, have great color combinations, and simply put fish in the boat time after time!!
  6. My name is Tim Thomas and I am a co-captain of the Finders Keepers Professional Sportfishing Team on Lake Ontario. My brother (the other co-captain) and I have been fishing all our lives and decided to take our game to the next level 3 seasons ago. We now represent over 20 companies in our quest to help generate interest and exposure for the amazing fishery we have!! Fully funded on our own, we try to participate in as many tournaments as we can, as we love the competition and being out on the water. Our boat is easliy recognized as it is the only fully wrapped tournament boat in the fleet (thanks to Okuma last year)! Our team can be followed on Facebook and at: www.FKsportfishing.com Good luck on the water this season and stop by to say hello if you see us!! Tim Thomas Finders Keepers Sportfishing Co-Captain www.FKsportfishing.com
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