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  1. Does anyone know exactly where the fuel tank is on a 1989 19.5ft bluefin walkthru.Need to drill holes for pedestal seats,don't want to hit tank.appreciate any info,thanks.
  2. Looking for a 6to8hp four stroke long shaft motor.Brand or age doesn't matter as long as it's a good motor.Mike 414-793-9097 thanks.
  3. Jim,you post on Lakelink also do you not?Mike
  4. Lobi,I should have mentioned that I do rig them after the core at the backer knot also.It's usually just a whim,I think you get a little different action each way.Some people will put them in the middle of the core.How ever you rig them they work.
  5. Anybody have any info on fishin the south gap towards jones island.Goin out sunday figured to launch at bruce st or national ave.South winds commin so want to be a little more protected.Appreciate any help,thanks.
  6. I will forward info to a friend looking for some.We live in Burlington,Wi.Maybe you can ship if he is interested,thanks.
  7. I just had the same problem recently.I did use pb blaster several times in all the open spots I could find.Each time waited a while and pounded with hammer.The last time I used the rest of the can on it,next day put some heat on outside and pounded and got it loose.Good luck!
  8. I use Dive Bombs for lake Michigan.Mostly on lead core but braid or mono also.I use 2,4,6 oz it's like adding 1 color per oz to lead core.I use 60ft of leader and clip them on the lead core at the knot.I have a planner mast and you can really vary your spread.Anyway I like them and have had no problem using them.Hope this helps,good luck and stay safe!
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