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  1. Pair of Big Jon Electric Captains Pak downriggers, with swivel bases.Excellent ready to use condition. Nothing wrong with them. $750 for the pair. I can accept credit cards and ship if needed. $20.00 each to ship. Call or text Ron at 262-337-2225
  2. 3 brand new Twili-Tip Wire Line Rod Tips. The Twili-Tip provides a gentle radius at the Rod tip to reduce drag and extend the life of the wire line.its bright yellow end makes it easy to see the rod action. Comes with 6 inserts of different sizes to place over the Rod tip. Perfect for using on your wire Dipsy rods Buy all 3 for only $18.00. Includes shipping Located near Milwaukee Call or text Ron at 262-337-2225
  3. A brand new pack of 2 Rigger Vision Ultimate Downrigger Lights for Big Jon Downriggers. These sell for $29.95 each plus shipping. Buy the pack of 2 for only $35.00. Includes shipping. saving you over $30.00 Located near Milwaukee Call or text Ron at 262-337-2225
  4. 4 brand new Torpedo Roller tip guides. Only $25.00 each. Includes shipping. Call or text Ron at 262-337-2225 Located near Milwaukee
  5. I have 4 brand new spools of MALIN 7, 7 strand 30 pound test Wire line for Dipsy's. Only $35.00 each. Includes shipping. Call or text Ron at 262-337-2225. Located near Milwaukee
  6. They have the same design, so I believe so. I compared them to the new pal holders, and these ones are more heady duty and heavier than the new ones
  7. 2 Big Jon Electric Downriggers with a Moor Sub-Troll 900. 2 foot 2 piece booms. 2 rods holders and Ball cradle per rigger. 4x4" mounting base. No swivel base. These all are in excellent operational condition. The Sub-Troll is complete with instrument head, coated cable, sending unit, antenna. It is 100% complete. Everything is already completely mounted on Downrigger. In fact it is still mounted on my boat. The head is still mounted, that is why it is not pictured with the riggers. If it does not sell, I will continue to use. Only reason for selling is because I added two Big Jon big brutes and and now using a Fish Hawk. New this package will cost you over $1400.00 These are all ready to use. Just mount the riggers and sub-troll to your boat and you are set. Buy this entire Pair of Electric Downriggers and a sub-troll for only $800. That's basically buying two electric Downriggers and getting a Sub-Troll free. I can and will separate. Will sell just the Downriggers for $550 for the pair. Will sell just the Sub-Troll for $275.00 Will estimate shipping depending on location Act fast these will not last. Call or Text Ron at 262-337-2225, I except Visa, discover and MasterCard through my charter business.
  8. 7 Brand new never used, Berts Custom Tackle Black Lexan Ratcheting Rod Holders. MF3237. These have 5 ratcheting vertical positions along with 8 ratcheting horizontal positions allowing you to fine tune your rod presentation. Comes standard with gimbal rod pin. Bert's base can mount in the track both vertically and horizontally or utilize (4) through-bolt holes to mount directly to any surface, without the track. Made from tough Lexan. One handed push button operation. Berts Custom Tackle Adjustable Lexan Rod Holder with the Ratchet Gear System. Adjust the rod holder to the angle that you want. You have 5 positions or from vertical to horizontal to choose from. When you get a fish on line you can easily pull the rod holder straight up with the Ratchet Gear System. Its easy to remove your rod and maintain pressure on the line in one motion. Black. Made from durable Lexan plastic. These sell at Cabelas for $$59.99 Tackle Haven for $51.95 Fish 307 for $51.99 eBay , 2 pack for $100. Buy these for only $35.00 each. Saving you over $17.00 plus tax and shipping costs. That's a total savings of over $20.00 each. Buy all 7 for only $240. That saves you about $150.00 I can accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard through my charter business. Can meet for pickup if buying a quantity These are AWESOME Rod Holders Call or Text Ron at 262-337-2225
  9. Heavy duty metal Holders. EXCELLENT like new condition. These are in like new ready to use condition. New they are over $60.00 each. Very strong durable rod holders. The ball mount makes them very adjustable. These are NOT plastic. Excellent for Dipsy Divers, Planer boards, etc Only $50.00 for the pair. Plus shipping Call or text Ron at 262-337-2225
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