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  1. Your boat looks awesome!! Looks like you made some expensive but high quality decisions. Enjoy!!
  2. Magnum Metalz look good but very expensive. I ran Cannons for 25 years with a variety troubles. Switched to Scotties in 2013. No troubles no regrets. My HO.
  3. Any of you guys tried Gator boards?? Theres a couple videos on Youtube that look good. Comes with a flag system and some high quality clips for about 1/2 the price of Offshore or Church boards.
  4. We usually start our morning with 10-15 ft leads behind the ball with spoons. Sometimes we'll shorten them to 6 ft or stretch em out to 20-25 ft. I believe the lead has a big affect on the action of the spoon. Tighter leads give greater action. Look at how often you take fish on free sliders that are 4-6 ft with a spoon.
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