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  1. I agree completely. Primary fishing will be at local lakes but i want somthing that i can go to the big lakes when the schedule allows and i just didn't want it to be to small. And only going occasionally then i want something that will allow us to fish on days that are not exactly ideal maybe with 3-4 footers. Anything overthat i wouldn't take my family out.
  2. If you can have only one boat you have to make it work for everything. Turfwrench has it exactly right with kids it makes it so much easier to do things if the kids get tired or cold or are board then they can go watch a movie. Especially if the fish are biting like crazy and the kids want to go home because of one of the above reasons. I'm looking at the whole boat thing like this Family comes first and if i can make them happy i win. If i have to give up the space of fighting a big fish for my family to be able to enjoy the outdoors with me then it falls in line with being a dad its not all about me. Thank you all for your input and thoughts on this matter.
  3. Thank you guys so much for the help.
  4. Great, thank you for the help!
  5. Cool, That was another thing i was wondering about. Room for fighting fish. Thank you for your help. Is there anything you could tell me to watch for on this boat?
  6. Both boats are in need of repair which makes the price ok. Towing isn't much trouble as i have a 3/4 ton diesel truck. My thoughts were on the lakes around me 22 ft is about as big as i dare try. On the big lake i don't want to small though. With the kids it has to be for fun too. So i would put a plank on with the down riggers installed so i can switch back and forth.Thanks again for your input!
  7. Hello everyone, Trying to figure out what size boat to get for all around and big lake fishing. Looking at a 19.5 ft Century and a 22 ft Sea Ray both are cuddys as i have kids. Based on your experience what size boat would you recommend? I also understand that a boat is better than no boat. Thanks for your help!
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