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  1. Brand new. This is the new design. Came with a new Mag 10 STX I bought but I already had a Berts base. $60 plus shippoing
  2. Heres a couple pics of my setup. Riggers on the corners and then I added 48" tracks on each side.
  3. whats your best price to ship the rod holders to NY zip code 13132

  4. We run 13 and 15 lb Torpedo SHaped weights. ATOMMIK sells them and they run true with minimal blowback and are fairly cheap
  5. 2 - CANNON MAG HS RIGGERS COMPLETE WITH TRAXSTECH SWIVEL BASES One Mag 10 HS with adjustable boom, dual rod holders, and 3" Traxstech swivel base One Mag 5 HS converted to a Mag 10 with adjustable boom, dual rod holders, and 3 " traxstech swivel base. Both Riggers have been upgraded with the new style Cannon Boom Pulley's. minor scratches from storage but overall GREAT SHAPE !!!! New Mag 10 HS = $450 New Mag 5 HS = $350 Adjustable Boom = $70 Dual Rod Holder $50 Upgraded Boom Pulleys = $40 2x Traxstech Bases = $200 Total Package = $ 1160.00 New Asking $750.00 for the set
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