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  1. I fish out of port Sheldon how far south will whitefish come. By the way I heard that they are becoming the first predator fish for the guppies
  2. Awesome thanks I will have to try that out. I thought something might be going on with double marking.
  3. I see this so often on our fish finder (in the attached picture) where all the fish are lined up vertically like this. What is actually going on under the surface? Do fish actually hang out vertically like this? If anything I would expect them to hang out horizontally at the temp break. Could it be the sonar bouncing back and forth between a couple fish and making multiple marks? Just curious because I see it so often. Does anyone else have this and know what's going on?
  4. Awesome thanks always wanted to try targeting steelies when kings weren't biting... Going to have to try that out.
  5. Wondering what sort of changes in lures, depth, speed, tactics you use when fishing way out there targeting steelhead? Do you use mainly spoons? Orange colors? Speed up to 3.5? Fish higher in the water column?
  6. Went 1/2 in the morning. 60 fow miss was blue bubble behind a chinook diver (dipsy) 80 back. Fish came on Mongolian beef moonshine behind chinook diver 100 ft back 6# laker. At night we did a little better 5/5. Live wire SD was hot on a slide diver 130 back picked up 16# and 8#king and 8# laker. Also picked up a shaker on 100 Cu purple spoon and a laker on life is good SD 300 Cu. Took fish between 55-110 fow little north of the pier. Beautiful day on the water
  7. Edited the link let me know if it still doesn't work!
  8. Click this link to watch a video of our 2014 salmon hits that we caught on video. At some points the quality of the video is bad but thought you all would enjoy it
  9. Went 2/3 tonight with a 8 lb walleye and a 12 lb lake trout out of port sheldon, which I was very happy with considering we had a few boat problems and I forgot all our spoons
  10. Any luck this morning? I was planning on going out tomorrow and also wondered where they would be with this change in temp?
  11. Thanks every one! I will probably check out Tuna Tom, I've heard a lot about him before this post too. If anyone has any recommendations on the best reels to buy let me know! Thanks again!
  12. My current reels are the diawa great lakes 47lc, diawa accudepth 47, okuma magna pro, and a couple of old penn reels
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade some of my old reels and I am wondering what are the best reels in the $50-100 price range. I obviously cant afford any tekotas so what do you recommend? I have heard a lot about the okuma convectors. Does anyone have anything they like/dislike about those? or is there a better option than the convectors? The reasons I am upgrading is mostly because of the poor drags on the older reels. Its hard to get the line to start coming off the reel but when it does start it rips off too easily. Also, though not as much of a concern to me, is rods. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best rod for the money? To me rods really don't seem like that big of an issue as long as they aren't to flimsy, but maybe others think differently. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!
  14. 4/6 3 steelies and one nice king. All the steelies came on mirage/clear spin doctor with blue bubble fly 80-90 fow down 35 on the rigger. One miss on 7 color with Mongolian Beef. One miss and the king on wonderbred spoon 100 fow 55 down on rigger. Beautiful morning out there!
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