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  1. Make no mistake, I'd love to run wire (let alone just fight a fish on wire) however as previously stated I fish from a 14' alluminum boat (row boat style) dipsy+6'leader+paddle/meat rig I'm back 10-12feet.. Making it impossible to land/net the fish. I've got diawa 27 and 47 LC's and I'm told they wouldn't be a good choice for wire because the drags aren't smooth enough... I've already got the braided line( came of my catfish rods) and thought if it helps catch more fish I'll run it.. Otherwise I'll stay with mono...

  2. Currently run a 14' alluminum boat. My set up is 100',175',225',255' coppers and 2 mono dipsys out either side of the back. I normally fish inside 100fow. Would it be to my advantage to switch to braid on my dipsys? Seeing I only fish 60feet down or so? Does braid catch more fish?

  3. I use the 8" for most everything. Divers, lead,copper and riggers. However I've had good success with a white/glow 11" down on my deepest rigger. As far as colors go during low light I prefer a white glow/blue or green and sunny conditions I use a chrome green or blue. I recently purchased a pro troll paddle in UV/glow and it seemed to be doing just as good if not better.... Hope this helps. Good luck

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