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  1. TThanks to everyone for the help and advice. I will keep pushing on an somethings going to work. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. Right?
  2. Thanks Kahuner. I've been running plugs and spoons mixed off 4 d-riggers @ 2.3-2.8 average, 100-180 tow, depthh of baits staggered 5ft intervals 60-90ft down. Cant buy a fish although I have really increased the size of my taclebox an all lures have been washed real well in lake Michigan water LOL. I will try your suggestions this weekend and try out of Manistee as its closer to my camp in Wellston.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'ge been "informed" that because the riggers are directly behind and below the boat I need to get my rigs back away from the motor noise.
  4. I have been running my all my plugs and spoons between 60 to 80 ft behind my downriggers, is this distance correct, or should distance back be 100+?? Please help, I have been running the baits and plugs recommended by the tackle shops and matching the depth, etc. 7 trips out of Frankfort and holding close to the pack without a single fish on the line muchless in the box. I maybe new to the big water but ...?
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