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  1. difficult time finding fish, picked up 1 12# king in 90 fow 9-6 70dwn on moonshine flounder pounder, south troll, 9-7 picked up 1 9# coho 70 fow 60dwn moonshine flounder pounder, south troll, 9-7eve caught nothing quite early. Local said main run happened Holiday weekend, will try again 9-8 eve. aboard the "Joe BLING"
  2. Great Pic any way, very few of us have seen such a trophy! Thanks for helping your wheelchair bound friend to have such a great day on the water, I know its a lot of work, but it's so worth it. Getting out this weekend at Holland, good success to all.
  3. we got all our lines in the water at 4:45 pm, trolling south in 150FOW, picked up 10lb Laker 30min. latter on frog paddle and white fly,full core, 15min. latter picked up about 10lb steelie 60 down in 145FOW on lemon ice spoon. Trolled another hour no hits, got off the lake, storms coming across the lake. The public launch was backed up, we waited 35 min. before we could pull up to a dock. happy fishing!
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