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  1. Gods Country Guide Service. By good buddy Shawn Pomorski is one of the best captains you can fish with. He will teach/educate you beyond belief as well as give you an incredible charter! Look him up or if you want to contact him...231 690 3389. Good luck and enjoy!
  2. Thanks guys for the information. I really like the mono dipsy's....especially after I caught him haha. I got him in 65 f.o.w. 150' back on a Stinger meat rig with oceana rapture teasers with a white spin doctor in front. I lost one on the same set-up the next morning that was bigger then him...I know it does not sound believable but no joke...it ended up snapping my line and almost breaking my pole...
  3. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/5/3/8/1/1239961_10200563081540412_1092515130_n_1.jpg' alt='1239961_10200563081540412_1092515130_n_1.jpg'> Ok I now understand how to post pics...thanks for the help...he was 42" and was wide as my 120qt cooler and folded up end to end and the bottom of the cooler itself is 35"...an absolute beast...and believe it or not I lost one bigger....amazing fishing this year!!
  4. Are you happier with braid (other then durability) or would you recommend wire?
  5. We just got a new boat this year and next year we are going to rig it with lead core/copper/wire dipsys...but honestly we have never had a problem running mono dipsys...I know it is a little old fashioned but we use 30lb and they release great??
  6. Fished some choppy water last night out of Muskegon in 65'-75'...trolled into the waves for a while then took a 30# King on mono Dipsy #3 150' back white Spin Doctor and a Oceana Rapture/Stinger meat rig. Started the night with 2/4 electric downriggers shorted out (which I have never had a problem with before). My right two worked so I put two J-plugs on in the channel and waited for the lake to calm down. As I came out of the channel I had a Scaley Green J-Plug 28' down get hooked into something in the middle of the arms (which I have also never had happen) and I ended up having to cut the line. We shot out to 55' and I set the combo above off the Dipsy and then I tangled a line in the downrigger cable as I was setting the rigger (I felt like it was my first time fishing and at this point I was ready to throw the riggers off the boat and call it good haha). As I fixed that mess and reattached the swivel and lure the Dipsy screamed loose trolling South and we fought this monster for over 20 minutes. The ONLY good thing (other then this monster fish) was I did not have any cables or lines in the water and I was able to maneuver the boat quickly to track the fish down. He peeled out 200' of line in 7-8 seconds...it was a real nightmare turned into an amazing trip. Good luck everyone...Muskegon is HOT from 60-70 45-70 down...big fish are STACKED in there!! (If someone can explain to me how to post a picture on here I will be more then happy to show you guys/gals)!
  7. Sorry for the delay on the post. Had an INCREDIBLE day out of Muskegon. We trolled from the 14's all the way to the 17's then faced quite the bumpy ride back south to end the night. South troll into the waves was best and for the night we went 9-11. We worked the north nets between 65-95' of water (make sure you are alert as they have 3-4 nets staggered close to each other). Center rigger fishing the bottom with a white paddle and Oceana fly worked best. We also had good luck on the riggers with moonshine Flounder Pounder and Stinger Watermelon patterns. Our biggest fish was 22lbs and that came on a wire/mag Dipsy 150' back on the bottom with a green Fish-catcher/green stinger meat rig. Three other kings were 17-19lbs and the rest were 12lbs and under. Bumpy night on the water but there was enough action to keep our minds off of the waves! Fishing is really picking up...let's just hope the waves agree! Good luck all! Ryan "TINLIZZY"
  8. Fished Muskegon tonight...there was spaced out 3-6 foot rollers then it calmed down. Last hour of fishing was amazing. 100' into 80' of water was best, 45'-70' down on the riggers (all moonshine lures...especially Flounder Pounder), dipsy's back 150'-170' with the hottest being a wonder bread paddle with a cut plug with a hearing strip and a white/blue fish-catcher with a blue bubble fly. There are some incredibly strong fish starting to move in, however, the water turned under the surface and the fish moved deeper then the 30'-60' down that has been hot...the water break on our Fishhawk was down to 80' before it broke under 50 degrees. Good luck!
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