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  1. Why 3 holes in the hook end of fishing spoons?
  2. Unfinished fishing spoons and crank bates. Ready to paint. If you got the time, talent, and an airbrush you are in busines. Over 1300 spoons (multiple sizes) Over 50 crank bates Comes with the two boxes I have a complete break done of colors and sizes if you have questions. Way to much to list on here. Not interested in shipping at this time. Meet in Western Michigan area or easy on and off 36th exit off 96 in Grand Rapids Asking $290 Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. That is the best explanation I have heard and makes total sense. Thank you so much.
  4. Thank you all. Really appreciate this site and the people on it.
  5. Thank you all. Really appreciate this site and the people on it.
  6. Gonna run less then a full core of lead. Still same board? Thank you.
  7. Got a brand and model recommendation?
  8. Recommendations on planer boards that hook directly to the line behind lead core for suspended salmon that are not that deep and hard to trigger on Lake Michigan. What should I get keeping in mind ease and price? Thank you
  9. Where do you guys place your downrigger release? On the fin of the cannonball or inline directly above it?
  10. What channel do fisherman use in muskegon? Tried 68 but no luck.
  11. I really am impressed with you guys and the willingness to help me out. This will only be my second full season and I'm looking forward to it. I looked online for some images of how these nets are marked. I am assuming I am looking for two markers "relatively" close to each other and stay out of the between portion. I am wondering how long these nets normally are? My next question would be that my licensing fees go for stocking programs that then commercial fishing harvests for profit? How is that right? Guess that's another forum though
  12. Thank you for taking the time to replay. I find it very helpful and it sounds good. I was hoping to find "better water" My only concern is commercial nets. Any tips on these would be appreciated.
  13. I moved my boat from Holland to Muskegon this year. Any thoughts on what to expect with the change and the new water? Thank you
  14. How many of you tie your own trolling flies? Thoughts on it and ideas like books and videos to get started. Thank you
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