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  1. Hondam, Thank you for the reply. I will get you the serial no. soon so you can take a look at it. The only problem is, the $500 i would need to fork over to upgrade on a waranteed product. Shouldn't lowrance just send me the upgrade under the warantee? i have troulble spending another $500 on an already $1800 radar that i have used 5 times and had nothing but troubles with. i do have it paired up with an HDS-10 that i am happy with its performance. for me to totally scrap lowrance would be a rather large expense, and was hoping to avoid this is possible, but it still is on the back burner.
  2. Hello. i am new to the forum and was looking at some input in an issue with my lowrance radar. i have a LRA-2400 brand new last fall that was warranted from my LRA-1800. the 1800 dome was defective and they sent me the 2400 last fall. has worked great until last weeks tourney when i needed it the most. the 1800 never worked from out of the box, now this 2400 has probably been only turned on 5 times, now issues again. They claim it is the cables, but now the 2400 is discontinued and they do not even make cables for it anymore and i still have 1 year left on my warantee. i was wondering if anyone else has any issues with lowrance radar, or if i'm the bad apple. i don't know of anyone else that runs them. should i look into dumping them and getting the RayMarine that i always wanted or should i hope this will get solved this time for the last time?
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