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  1. Fished a 300 heading in 70-80 fow 3-6 trout and salmon . Moonshine JJ Mc Muffin took most of the hits..250-300 copper
  2. Fished New Buffalo in the AM 17- for a bunch. 50' fow working the lower half mag spoons dodger fly divers leadcore and copper. Mostly Coho, 2 King and some LT.
  3. Looking for a 1st mate 5/22 6:30 am New Buffalo city landing for a day of Salmon fishing. You don't need anything except rain gear some food and drink(anything less than 5% alcohol) see the black Toyota Tundra and 22' blue and white islander contact me at [email protected] if you tend to not get seasick.
  4. Went 5-6 in anywhere from 80-124 fow straight out to a little North. Speed was all over the place from 2.4 - 3.0 in what turned out to be 2-4' waves and some 5's thrown in for good measure. I have no temp at the ball ,but surface temp was down to 46-47deg.in close and getting warmer out to 125 fow. 50-60 ft down was the sweet spot off the riggers and 150 out on wire divers on 3. Best baits were stinger stingray uv mixed veg. and SD Mountain Dew/chr. and Mountain Dew fly. No particular direction of troll worked better than another. The big one got away with a short reel scream and snap!!
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