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  1. Unless I hear differently, I will most likely head out on a 240 heading until I hit 60-70 fow, then troll south and or southwest toward the dunes. Plan to focus on 80-120 fow unless fish tell me otherwise. The suggestion Joe gave you sounds like a good plan too(similar to what I plan to do). My wife broke her wrist a few weeks ago, so I'll be setting up camp solo. Gonna try to be on the water by 6. Don't want to press it as she's already being a champ by not cancelling this trip. If and when I hit the water, I'll give you a shout.
  2. Also, I may fish tomorrow evening, give a shout if you're still out. Weather permitting, I'll definitely be out Sunday and Monday am.
  3. Just an FYI, most guys use channel 9 in Pentwater if you're interested in hearing chatter.
  4. I second what John said. I have a pair of the 1101's and love them.
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