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  1. I have a pair of Big Jon triple rod holders up for sale. They work flawlessly, nothing is wrong with them, they came on the boat I just bought and don't need them. asking $175 a piece.
  2. Mac bait on Ottawa Beach Rd. has both whole and strip. It's on your right just after the hardwear shop.
  3. Beautiful morning on the big lake, went 4/6. Set lines about 8 in 30ft or so on a SW troll after marking a bunch of bait. Didn't even hit 40 and hit a nice 13# king, continued that course and in about 60 picked up a nice 17# king. didn't mark much after that trolling to 110 or so, so made a loop back in SE. Got to 65 and caught a real nice 9# skam. First time trying the free sliders, man is that sweet. Watching a VERY green skam jumping 2-10 ft from the boat is a real show, almost cleared one of the dipsey rods on one of the jumps. Then went straight south and picked up a lake on the bottom in 65. There was a lot of bait between 30 and 60. what worked 5 color orange crush( regular size) king 7 color orange crush( small size) king Free slider w/ rigger down 45, green holo dolphin, skam Mag dipsey back 90 chrome meat rig, chrome sd Laker Hopefully the big lake settles down soon, too rough for the little boat.
  4. Sorry for the late report, been a little busy since yesterday morning. Fished 70-130 ft. Went 2/4, two nice eater kings. 1 king 7 color orange crush, 1 king black death and chrome sd on 3 at 110 on the counter. missed another on the meat and loosed a lake that got tangled in lines due to fleas. Those things are pretty damn bad right now.
  5. 2/2 out of Holland this morning, both lakers. started to get a little rough. Slow but still a good morning.
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