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  1. Fished 7:30 to 11:00 AM 70 fow 1.5 mph at ball 43' Rigger set at 60 with chrome flasher and green spinny South Troll 2 for 2 Lake Trout
  2. 3/4 This am in front of the pier heads. One one sd &fly another king on 100 copper j plug 1 steelhead on sd & fly. Lost 1on copper Thanks to the boat who tryed to return my plannerboard. Dutchlevee
  3. 4/5 today out of Holland, 80 to 120 fow First one hit/missed with Blue Pro Troll W/Blue bubble fly Two Steel Heads 1 on blue/green dolphin 1 on 10 color lead core One on Green frog meat rig with dipsey set on 3 140 back One King on Down Rigger 70 down on green and yellow lure One king on Dipsey 160 back green frog meat rig Dutch Levee
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