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  1. Fished solo this morning. Set lines at 6A and pulled at 8A. Started in 160 and ended in a tick under 200. Pretty much straight out. First few fish came on a south troll, when I changed to a north troll I boxed the last two. All spoons. Free slider green dolphin modified took 2 (one king, one coho), rigger set at 45. Had a first for me, double on a single pole, rigger set at 55. Main had a nice king (17+lbs), MS Flounder Pounder UV, stacker had a 3lb laker that bit on a slim mixed vegies. That was a trick to net those by myself. Last two kings came on a 200 copper. Not sure what the name of the spoon was but was similar to a flounder pounder but had a purple streak in it.