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  1. Steve... Is your boat still available?? Do you have additional pictures you can send me? Reason for selling??
  2. Fishing remains slow out of St. Joe - at least for me. Set lines in 80FOW at 6:00 - trolled out to 130. Only hit was a short rip on a 300 copper but the fish was gone by the time I reach the rod. Didn't mark many fish or much bait. Beautiful night on the lake - but no fish. They have to show up sometime!!
  3. Haven't been out myself in over a week, but the report I got from yesterday (Sat) was there was some fishing being caught in 90-130 FOW. Don't have specifics on depth. colors or baits, but it will at least give you a starting point. I did talked to a boat that was out in 200 FOW and they came in with an empty cooler. Hoping to get out for a Tuesday evening trip. Good Luck
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