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  1. Wind made it tough yesterday, stayed in close and fished 70-90 fow most of the day. 200 copper w/ blue kevorkian took 1 King, Riggers down 46 and 60 took 3 fish w/blue dolphin and UV Hat trick. Snuck a 300 copper out at the end with a casper/ UV blue cut bait rig and took the last fish. Ended up 5 for 8, all Kings with one at 20lbs, and the rest in the teens. North troll was the best, 2.0-2.3 SOG.
  2. Just to add something from Sanilac this past wknd, took 3 nice Kings in the low teens, released some Lakers over 10lbs, and took a few Steelhead. All fish came near the bottom. 200 copper, slide diver, and riggers took the fish. Long leads on riggers and slide divers w/ spoons(blue kevorkian, super muffin, purple frog) and meat rigs on the coppers.
  3. We need more GLS strain Muskies in Lake Michigan...They can and will eat carp under 30 inches....
  4. I know these are not as portable but, I recently purchased a Work Sharp knife sharpener. This thing really does work well, I've looked closely at my edge after using quick sharpeners and I think they may work but they do a lot of damage IMO. This thing has changed the way I clean fish, I always used an electric for walleyes but, after using this tool I can easily rip through ribs ( I used to cut off the top of the ribs when using a hand knife before) on walleyes in the mid 20 inch size. The larger walleyes (if I keep them) still prove to be somewhat difficult too cut through ribs. Anyways cleaning a 2 man limit is no prob, either is a 2 man limit of perch with this sharpener. I have a couple of old Rada's that I haven't used in awhile and with a good edge these knives are amazing. I would estimate it takes under 3 minutes to completely sharpen a dull knife, and that is with changing a belt! Worth checking out for fillet knives and hunting knives!
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