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  1. SeaCatMich, I wish you would not have given the link. I am not selling them but yes I am using a few as a freebie bonus to up-sell if you call that on the market.
  2. I haven't noticed any difference in performance as far as type or test of line.
  3. I haven't tried them out on a Great Lake when it was rough yet but have used them in a river and they fly across fast currents with the hydrofoil and the weight (screw) moved to one of the keels so they can't flip.
  4. Here is a 3" long model pulling a 3.5" diving lure out to the side like a big planer. The thin piece of plastic is a hydrofoil keeping it stable and planing wide out to the side.
  5. I have been making some mini planers that have some interesting rigging options. Machining foam isn't any fun but I am figuring out how to do it without melting it. I don't want to get called a spammer by giving the name of a possible future product but for fun I would like to know what you think they can do and can be used for.
  6. You can go bigger or go smaller and try some new tricks with the DualFin planers if you want to keep the rod in hand. They plane to the side and flip direction when given a tug. Really only good for 1.5 mph. and waves can cause them to flip.
  7. Brian, I have a painting project for you if interested. http://www.bulletbobber.com/lumaclbo.html
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