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  1. This was the shakedown trip for my boat this year. Left the docks around 6:00 am . Had a three man crew , ran 5 planers 4 with dodger fly combos 1 with the old standby fat rap. fat rap did not get a sniff all day. Had two dipsey rods and 2 riggers. fished inside of thirty ft straight out and just south of the harbor. caught 2 coho, too many boats in there so moved out caught first steelhead a 48ft heading southeast. Fish was cught on a dipsey 20loc fish jumped in between the boat next to us and proceeded to put on quite an aerial show. Then the planer boards took off, the next eight fish were coho all cookie cutter three #'ers all on dodger and fly. Then we had an 11 lb steelie on a blue nbk pro troll flasher and a blu hawaiin cut plug (real pretty fish) fsh came on a rigger 31ft down, next coho we caught on the bottom (or near) on a mountain dew cut plug and flasher 44 down on rigger. finished out the day on top with planer boards rounding out limit. . We finished at 10:00 , packed up , performed sea trial on my new auto pilot . After finishing we came in then decided to go try our hand at perch fishing. The perch gods were not with us. We struck out completely bu t still had an awesome day my son and a good friend.
  2. Adding Big Jon swivel bases to my bird trees so I don't have another dock incident this year, note battle between dock and bird tree , bird tree usually loses
  3. For me it would depend on time of day , type of fish, ambient light conditions and time of year so I will stick to a typical summertime spread. Early morning low ambient light or dark would be a mooshine , in various color patterns lit only with a flashlight, I ve found overcharging them while it may look good to you doesnt look good to the fish, once the sun is up and the fish typically move a little deeper in the water column I have had great success with Warrioir spoons which I am surprised are not on the list. their uv spoons are a great deep water alternative. when fish are higher in the water column or if fishing sliders I will use stingers. they have great action on sliders. This is my first post and visit to this site, looks like a great site.
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