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  1. That's a great idea, gonna try the 3 way for steelhead here in Lake Ontario when they are in the top 20 fow
  2. Here's a thought. How about splicing a piece of 40 # mono every 100' in your copper to attach boards. Use a small spro 80 # swivel on each end of the splice. Then you can set a 500 copper at 100,200 300,400 or run all way to 500. This will cut down on how many rods you have to carry to fish copper at different depths , especially for those with smaller boats!!!
  3. I use a half hitched rubber band to the downrigger cable 10 to 20' above the canon ball take the swivel from the leader put your main line and the loop from rubber band into it and snap it closed. When lowering don't put too much pressure on the rod until you get to the depth you want to fish. Then double it over. I also stop at 10' intervals to let the spoon catch up. Being tied to the cable I have increased the hooking percentage as there is no slack as there is with a free slider or a fixed slider that is attached only to the mono.
  4. I have had good luck half hitching a rubber band to the downrigger cable then attaching the swivel on the cheater to the main line and to rubber band. The rubber band tied to the cable will keep the cheater leader at the level you set it above the ball. My hook ups jumped to 80% using this method as the band tied to the cable doesn't have the slack as just half hitching to the line. When the fish hits the hook punches through the fishs jaw pops the rubber and then slides down to the ball release. If I know the cheater has been hit I don't wait for it to slide down I immediately tighten down and release it off the ball and take up the slack until I feel the fish.
  5. I tend to do well on plugs in the early spring before the moss starts developing on the rocks. Rapalas smith wicks jr thunder sticks all do well. When the moss starts to show I switch back to spoons as too many trebles on body baits seem pick up the moss. In the fall I go to j plugs around the harbors and cover water and do well on kings
  6. Try flasher fly on dipsy and on deep rigger. Opposite sides of boat want 1 high and 1 low in spread fill in rest with spoons. If start hammering on ff add another or 2.flasher fly sometimes draw salmon you your spread but they take the spoon and vice versa, let the fish tell you what they want and go from there.
  7. Been using rubber bands for a 6 ft cheater for years.set up your main line off the ball let rigger down 10ft, half hitch a rubber band around the cable take your cheater attach the snap to both the rubber band and to the same downriver line. Drop to where you want to fish .if a fish hits the cheater it wil break rubbish band and slide to lower release at ball and pop it then slide down line tooriginal lure . I fish hits lure behind ball when fish runs will pop rubber band and will come up with the fish to the net. Advantage= 2lines one rod. Cover more water.you can use a longer cheater but make sure it's no more than your rod length for netting the fish. Tight lines to ya!
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