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  1. 1980 Starcraft is this boat a cc version.
  2. Billy Joe,

    I hope you are getting ready for open water. Still looking for that 22' starcraft but nothing yet, thanks for the updates.

  3. detroit craigslist this wend 22 open bow outboard starcraft listed

  4. 1976 starcraft holiday just listed in toledo craigs list with outboard not a open bow though

  5. Hello All, I am looking for a late 70's erly 80s 22' starcraft open hull ss. I perfer of the V5 hulls. If anyone knows of or sees one up for sale, I would be thankful to know about it. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for Starcraft 22 V5 o.b thanks

  7. i check the boat adds every day will keep my eye open for you .look on craigs list ive seen a few listed there

  8. Hello Billy Joe,

    I am new to the Great Lakes Fisherman. I found this site today as I have been looking for a Starcraft 22' openbow boat to purchase and saw the photo of yours. I am courious if you know of any for sale. I live in Michigan and grew up fishing Whitefishbay and the backbay of Brimley in a 14' sea nymph. I currently have a bass boat I bought from my sister but it does not have enough room or size for the big water. Have a great day!

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