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  1. Spent about three hours trolling watched the sun set on a bass boat, (nice weather). Had one hit on copper but didn't hook. Marked fish very sporadically in 40-60 fow. We were in 100-140. Also marked what appeared to be bait fish at the surface, not sure what that might mean.
  2. Next trip out, sounds like I'll be running my lures a little further back. We have 4 down riggers, but I'm thinking about only using 2. I'd like to use my dipsy's but I usually refrain because I can't seem to get them to to steer away from the boat, any tips on dipsy control? Could my line be too thick? Would it help if I pulled them with braid instead of mono?
  3. We run spoons and plugs anywhere from ten to fifteen feet behind the ball. I say ball but we actually have weights that are shaped like giant lead fish. Sometimes I wonder if that might intimidate fish that come into check out the bait. Any thoughts what about our length, are we okay there?
  4. Okay......this is my first post on this forum. I want to add this small disclaimer " I am not typically a whiner". That being said..... let me whine. Salmon fishing is one of my favorite things to do. I can't even imagine how much more fun it might be if we caught some salmon. Andrew (the thread author) is my brother and most common fishing partner. Although he did mention that we can catch fish in the morning he didn't mention a lot of details about our evening history. Let me summarize, I think that our boat has made about 10 evening fishing trips this year, and only 2 of them ended with fish in the boat, and I'm talking like 2 fish tops! We don't just have slow nights when everyone else does, we usually get a fish and a couple releases on the days that most people go 12 for 18. We are by no means professionals, but I would like to think that we aren't just plain stupid either. (Even though it took me 20 minutes to figure out the answer to my "random question" which was required for registering on this forum) We spend a lot of time talking with other successful fishermen, reading, buying new gear, and experimenting. This is why Andrew is starting to ask about things like boat vibrations, etc. Please let us know if you have any tips or obvious things we could check or we might soon be swindled into buying a 150 dollar box that is supposed to neutralize stray voltage from our down rigger cables.( If that isn't a true sign of our desperation I don't know what is.) BTW-- this has been going on for years!!! Should we have fluorocarbon leaders on our line? Thanks
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