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  1. This 10 point deer was taken in the Ravenna National Guard Training and Logistics Site in Ravenna Ohio. I green scored him @135 5/58 with 10 6/8 in deductions.

    <a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/4/5/6/jess_deer.jpg' alt='jess_deer.jpg'>

  2. We got our three tickets punched today! Went out of Conneaut to the 10/36 and trolled with the wave NNE. Speed was 2.4. Ran all dipsy program using the green circus freak and a glow in the dark frog. Circus Freak did the job today. All #1 dipsys, 3.5 outsides setting, @195-210, 2 inside setting @130-160. Downrigger set @58'-68'. All eyes were over 26" hogs with only exceptions was two @ 20". Waves weren't that bad in the morning, but the afternoon brought out some 3' breakers. All in all a great day.

  3. Hit the big pond again on Sunday. We ended up with only 9 eyes, but we had to leave early. We went north out of the harbor to 72 FOW and trolled with the waves. Outside #1 dipsy set @3.5 150 out caught most of the fish with spoons.Hot colors for spoons was MI stinger confused blonde and Ole Pete's bloody nose. Meat only caught 2, and nothing off of the wire. All the fish were hogs with one Fish Ohio.

  4. Sorry for the late report. We launched out of Geneva 4 JULY 10 @0500hrs. Headed north to 70 FOW. Set up and trolled with the wind. We ran 4 dipsys, and two wire rods. Big Dipsy #2 setting @ 125-135 #3.5 setting @150-160 all spoons, wire set at 250 back with cranks. GPS ground speed was 2.6mph. Hot color was purple. Wire only brought in two eyes. We ended up with two tickets, plus one 27" steelhead. All the eyes with the exception of one was all over 25-28" range. The fish shut down at 10:00am. We had to leave at 11:00, so it worked out for us.

  5. Had a great year in Ohio and West Virginia. The first deer was an almost perfect 8, but he had one tine broke. It was taken on a controlled hunt at a Army National Guard base in Ravenna, Ohio. It field dressed in at 151lbs. The ODNR guy aged it at an unbelievable 2.5 years old.

    The second deer was an 8pt from WV. It was my son's first deer hunt. It field dressed in at 125lbs



  6. Good job! I gave up on the eyes for a bit and started perching. Went out of Ashtabula yesterday in 58 FOW and got two tickets. Started to knocking off the third one and it was getting pretty ruff so we called it quits. I'll try for walleyes this Friday if the weather cooperates.

  7. That's what I was thinking Tray.

    I was on my buddies boat and he had vinyl on his floor. I want to put some new carpet where the existing carpet is and put in some compartments somewhere.

    Go with the vinyl. The carpet is a pain. It retains fish slim, dirt, and other nasty stuff. At the end of the day, all you do is hose off the vinyl.

  8. Jess, you may have hit on the head.

    If in fact there is such an abundance of foods for them, it sure would explain alot.

    I mean you can find the fish, but, they just don't want what we have been offering.

    Has to be something to it.

    Maybe now that the Full moon is past, things will pickup ?

    Then again, they are calling for storms and winds here for the weekend, so anything that was setting up in patterns, is gonna be dispersed again.

    That is the only thing that I can figure out. It applies for hunting, so why not the fish.

    I agree, the weather is going to screw up everything this weekend. We have a small craft advisory so I already cancelled tomorrow. ARRRGGGHHHH!:mad:

  9. Here's a crazy idea. All species need food, cover, space, and habitat in order to survive. Obviously, the water space and habitat are there. What about food? Since the majority of us us spoons and with the abundance of the water fleas, and the hook fleas, do you think that the fish really do not care for our presentations? Perhaps they are getting their fill on the fleas? Remember how tough it is to fish when the mayflies hatch, or when other species are in abundance?

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