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  1. hey, you going to answer me???

  2. Well, thanks so much for the reports!!! We are not going tomorrow. We don't have steelhead spawn anyway. We are going to try next weekend and may even take our boat and troll. Super excited. When we prep to go I will let you know our plans so maybe we could do some fishing. That would be cool. I will let you know.

    Once again, thanks so much for your Input. I owe you a beer or two!


  3. Hey "danthebuilder"!!!

    I havent talked to you in quite a while and I am just catching up.

    This winter I have fished my lake, Lake Sherwood that is, Saginaw River, and Lake St Clair for perch. All have been very good. We live in such a great state for fishing. What do the people in Nebraska do all winter?

    We are planning an early trip to St Joseph in April. What do you think of that? I have hooked up with a Ludington charter captain by me that is a fishing nut. We expect to go before anyone else and slay the coho and browns.

    I was thought of you and was wondering if you were thinking of going that early? Let me know what are your plans this year and if you would be available.

    Of course I do not have firm dates yet but I will holler at you for sure.


  4. HEY! How does this work for you?

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