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  1. When will the website be up and running? Every time I go to a store they never have what I am looking for. It is nice to order online and also have the capability to view all of the products available. This time I am buying in advance over the winter instead of last minute at a store. They seem to sell out. Thanks

  2. I am selling my 20' 1986 StarCraft Islander. I have recently purchased a larger boat. It is very well maintained and you wouldn't know it is a 1986. The EZ-Load trailer was repainted 3 years ago and new tires were installed 3 years ago. This boat trailers very nice. It has a 2.5 liter OMC engine and is a fuel sipper. The boat will plane and cruise at about 22 mph. It does not have a hour meter.

    This boat is equipped with:

    - Lowrance GlobalNav 310 GPS

    - Lowrance X85 fish finder

    - Compass

    - Uniden Oceanus ship to shore radio

    - Porta Potty

    - Small Portable TV

    - Bimini Top

    - Mooring Cover

    - 2.5 Liter OMC Engine (Fuel sipper)

    - OMC out drive

    - Dual marine batteries

    - Battery selector switch

    - Wind shield wipers

    - Spare Michigan propeller prop

    - Planer board mast

    - 2 Planer boards

    - Great Lakes Planer Rocket Launcher W/ Lights. 14 Rod Holders. (Lights are not wired up)

    - 2 Great Lakes Planer low profile dual dipsey rod holder.

    - 2 electric 5600 Invader downriggers

    - 2 Manual Invader downriggers

    - 3 down rigger balls

    - Custom built tackle storage center under the captains chair. Tackle stays with me.

    - Large cooler

    - Salmon net

    - Life jackets, flares, horn, throwable. Inspected by the coast guard in 2012.

    Asking $8500

    Located 35 mins NE of Grand Rapids, MI

    Call 616-894-0699 Best to call in evenings and leave a message. or email: [email protected]



  3. I just noticed a yellow hose that goes from the carburetor to the mechanical fuel pump is disconnected at the fuel pump. I have no idea how long this has been off. What is it for and will it do any damage to the motor?

    The reason I noticed is because during my last outing, when I put the boat in neutral in low RPM it would stall. (once) So I was looking to change the spark plugs and saw the end of the yellow hose was disconnected. About half way from the pump to the carburetor there is a piece of black junk in the hose, I imagine that could create some kind of blockage? It is a 86' 19' Starcraft islander with a 2.5 litre OMC.


  4. The guy to see is John Watson, formerly a DNR inspection officer, he is very thorough, and makes a great surveyor, he works hard for the pay too, I mean very hard too. What's the rate for this boat from Mark? I think Watson was about $300, last I knew.


    I am looking to have a boat surveyed in Ludington and called John Watson. His voicemail said he is out of commission (temporarily) due to a hip surgery. Would you know of another surveyor in the area? If not would you know someone with experience that could tag along, while I am looking at the boat?

    So far since I am unable to find a surveyor in the area, I have been doing a lot of reading online and found this interesting article. http://www.pcmarinesurveys.com/Marine%20Survey%20101.htm

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