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  1. Went 3 for 4 last night out of Holland.  2 kings about 10-12 pounds and a small coho.  The one that got off we believe was a steelhead.  50'-55' was our depth.  Both kings came on blue dolphin on the high diver set at 70'.  Coho came on lazer rainbow thin fin 80ish feet behind a planner board.  We were also able to catch a nice Goodyear tire with a 5' piece of 1" rope on it that was bobbing around.  That would have been fun to hit while up on plane.  

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  2. Late report.  Saturday afternoon out of Saugatuck.  Made a shake down cruise and fished maybe 1.5 hours.  Went 3 for 4.  2 coho and one laker.  Lost a laker also.  50' depth.  Lakers came off the bottom on a silver trash can dodger and blue/chrome spin an glow.  The coho came on lazer rainbow Brad's thin fin and red/orange hot n tot.  The boat floated and ran good so hopefully it will be a good summer of fishing.

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