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  1. Captain Brian, thanks for the clarification on how Petersen marks his nets. He goes way above the minimum requirements with his net markings and this is the reason why we do not have any incidents involving his nets, along with the fact that he takes care of them and tends them on a regular basis. I guess one word sums it up, professionalism!
  2. Michigan Sea Grant has a web site that shows how a trap net is supposed to marked, it may be possible that the commercial fisherman out of Muskegon may add additional markers, if Fishing Addiction could respond to this that would be great. Search: What are trap nets Michigan Sea Grant Again, Michigan Sea Grant shows the minimal acceptable markings according to the 2000 Consent Decree and what is required of state licensed commercial fishers.
  3. I have been told that the preferred method to report an abandoned net or unmarked net is to call the MDNR RAP line at 1-800-292-7800. If your props get entangled in a net then the USCG would be the agency to call if you feel you are in danger. MDNR has the responsibility to manage the situation and they work with the Tribes. Just to clarify, if a net is properly marked then there would be no reason to report it.
  4. The nets off Whitehall did not belong to Tommy Battice, Tommy's nets were set up in the Ludington area.
  5. The barge and tug have left the waters off Whitehall after pulling one net and not being able to find any nets at the locations they were at last year. The ice and currents have torn these nets apart and moved them and to where no one knows. There was a portion of a net spotted off Whitehall on 6/1 and that location was reported to the RAP line. The location was: 4319.688N 08629.784 W but this net could be moving. The question was asked about the nets between Muskegon and Grand Haven, these nets belong to a state licensed commercial fisherman and in my opinion he has never been a problem. He knows how to set his nets so they don't move, he marks them properly, he tends to them regularly and I could never envision him abandoning them. Jim Vander Maas Michigan Steelheaders
  6. The nets are 40' high, the leads can be up to 1800 ft the wings can go probably to 1500 ft. The lead and pot have very heavy anchors with about 50# anchors along the lead and wings. You need specialized equipment to pull them.
  7. I don't think they have the proper equipment nor does the DNR.
  8. For those that would like to express their concern about these abandoned nets (that appear to be coming apart) there will be a Natural Resources Commission meeting 8/8 at the Annis Water Resources Inst Lake Michigan Center 740 West Shoreline Drive in Muskegon. They will be taking public comments about 3:30 PM. You can call 517-373-2352 and tell them you would like to be put on the agenda for public comments and you get 5 minutes. You can also just show up and sign up and you get 3 minutes. Those who call first get to go first. Let them know how you feel about the hazardous conditions, I'm sure the press will be there.
  9. The Tribe doesn't see it as a priority as yet.
  10. The Michigan Steelheaders have the updated net locations on their web site at michigansteelheaders.org. If you become entangled (boat or tackle) please call the RAP line at 1-800-292-7800 and report the incident also, please leave contact info so a CO can follow up. This information is needed to realize the size of problem these nets are creating. Staying clear of the coordinates given will lessen the likelihood of entanglement but these nets do appear to be breaking up. Efforts are being made to get these nets pulled.
  11. I want to encourage all anglers that when you come upon an improperly marked commercial fishing net to get the coordinates of that net and then as soon as possible call the RAP line (800-292-7800.) It is very important that a formal complaint be filed and this allows DNR Law to contact the complainant in case they have questions or need additional information. Also, if it is a Tribal net then a formal complaint has more impact when working with Tribal Law Enforcement. Thanks!
  12. Please contact the RAP line 1-800-292-7800 and ask for Cpl Steve Huff. We would like formal complaints filed and DNR Law may have additional questions to ask about these nets and their markings. These complaints go on record which is very important when working with the Tribal Law folks.
  13. There is also a net in about 90' of water just south of the channel. I work with DNR law and Tribal law so I will be in touch with them tomorrow morning and try to get those nets pulled because I do not think they are being fished at the present time. I will also get the coordinates ASAP and post them on michigansteelheaders.org. Mods, if it not appropriate to mention MSSFA in this post feel free to delete it and advise me. I will also repost when I get a handle on how this situation will be handled. Thank you!
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