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  1. Bowbender,

    You can always head out of Oscoda to 70ft. and start trolling for Lakers. There are plenty out there with a walleye,steelhead, or salmon mixed in. If you fish out of Tawas I've had better luck later in the summer picking up walleye. This time of year I head to Augres and usually head south,but like you said its a big bay and the fish can be anywhere. Priority 1 always gives a good honest report but I don't think he's been out yet, or he's keeping quite ! What's up Frank ???

    I hope this helps some.

    1. Priority1


      Hey Ed, I just did a shakedown Fri and fished Sat also. I haven't had a lot of extra time because Arthur Itis has slowed the oldtimer down a bit. Two of us picked up 11 and Pike Fri and 12 Sat. How's retirement going?

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