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  1. Understood, I run a Triton DC205 and flip them over and strap with my rod holders or put them in my front storage compartments. I fish a lot of species including walleye, salmon and muskies, sub 1 mph up to 5+ mph. Any amount of wind at slow speeds will mess with all types of boards. I have learned to "tune" my boats to the conditions but there is nothing that works all the time under all conditions.
  2. Wow, don't like Otter Boats Cap Mike? I've had a set for about 15 years now, they work far better than any of the 2 or 3 runner boards I've tried, especially with larger lures. They are big, they are not cheap but they will run very slow if set up correctly and that's really what he asked about wasn't it.
  3. Have you tried Otter Boats? You can redrill the keal mounting holes and change their angle. This puts more resistance on the keal a slow speeds which forces the boat nose out. However they will not pull right at highers speeds with that arrangement. On regular planer boards you can move the attachment point on the board rearward a little, this will force the nose of the board out. I'd start with an inch and adjust from there till you find the optimal spot. Good luck.
  4. I have used everything that's out there at one time or the other. When its said and done I like the Offshore Release or shower curtain rings and rubber bands. Nice part about rubber bands is you will get no false releases.
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