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  1. Anybody out there have a 14 or 15 pound fish shaped downrigger mold they'd like to part with? I have a 8 and 12 pound and would like to go a little heavier. Or if you've got one and like to trade to stock up. If you have one I'd sure like to talk to ya. mark [email protected] 651-270-2519
  2. I have (2) Proos Manual Downriggers for sale. Model 36BH, all aluminum, 48" adjustable boom with swivel end, single attached rod holder, fixed mounting base, stainless cable and counter. Each full turn of handle is about 24" Will include aluminum cannon swivel base as part of the deal. Asking $200 each plus shipping. Open to discussing fair offers. Pictures available if requested. Mark [email protected] 651-270-2519
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