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  1. Interested in the boat. Contact name and number?
  2. Good condition. $100 for mast. $125 for the pair of boards. Will sell them separately. Text 616-502-15nineseven for pictures. Grand Haven area.
  3. It looks to me like they can with a few bolts and an extra back bracket as right now the bracket of each reel is what pinches around the pole. However, a search for a back bracket and bolts sold by big jon did not find anything, so you may have to engineer them yourself.
  4. I have a 5' dual mast with manual spools and 2 Otter Boards in very good condition for sale. $200 firm. Text for pictures if desired. Grand Haven area. 616-502-1597
  5. I would take a table. Captain Mike Jansen
  6. To make sure you don't lose a board, replace the OR-16 with a big snap swivel. To keep the board in place from sliding down while fighting a fish, put a rubber band around the line 2-3 times and put the line and rubber band into the snap. It's very easy to undo the snap and take them out when reeling in a fish. The only drawback to this method is that you don't get any slack in the line between the two clips, but at least you aren't spinning circles after $25 boards due to pads that you didn't know were bad until they didn't work anymore.
  7. the water's cooled down and most of your hits should come 30-60 down. I would start in 100-140 and put it on an east that last hour to finish in 70-80. Blue UV BW meat rigs took the majority of my hits on sat pm, the last time i was out. the last hour was fun, going 4-5 with all big fish.
  8. Don, The MS tourney is running as well on Saturday out of Snug Harbor. You have to be to the scales between 12-1 for that tournament. Any chance we could push our weigh-in back so any of us MSCSTers who wanted to fish both could do so? I'm thinking that if we have our fish to Snug by 12:30ish, we can be weighed in there by 1:15 and to our weigh-in by 1:45ish, 2:00 at the latest. Those not fishing both would not be at a disadvantage in any way as those fishing both tourneys would have to quit fishing earlier to make the MS tourney weigh-in. Both tourneys have the same start time. The only thing better than fishing one tournament in a day is fishing two in a day! Sincerely, Mike Desperate Tournament Addict
  9. Jim, Thanks for all the work you do putting these tournaments together and keeping track of the scores, etc. I was looking at the year-end points given out for the third tournament and they don't seem to correspond to the daily scores, i.e. Five O given fourth place points for a seventh place? Would you verify the scores? Thanks. Also, it's looking pretty tight at the top. If there is a tie, how is the port champion going to be determined? looking at their sixth tournament finish place, big fish? Mike
  10. It sure is good, and all of the different year classes bode well for the future. Thanks again, Frank.
  11. Want to start by thanking the guys like Mike and Priority 1 who post on a regular basis. I get on the bay once a year and it sure helps to have an idea of what the fish want before I hit the water. Took a four-man limit this morning from 7-11 am in 30-35 fow running six boards and two lines off the boat. Fish were 16-26". All but one came off the bottom. We were on the east side of the shipping channel, about 7 miles south of AuGres. The fish showed a preference for small Colorado blades in silver/blue, silver/purple, and copper/pink/charteuse.
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