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  1. Close enough. Please call/text at 6165021597 to discuss. Mike
  2. Larry told me it's not happening this year because the church isn't available.
  3. Larry, will there be a 6th annual swap meet this winter?
  4. Interested in the boat. Contact name and number?
  5. Good condition. $100 for mast. $125 for the pair of boards. Will sell them separately. Text 616-502-15nineseven for pictures. Grand Haven area.
  6. It looks to me like they can with a few bolts and an extra back bracket as right now the bracket of each reel is what pinches around the pole. However, a search for a back bracket and bolts sold by big jon did not find anything, so you may have to engineer them yourself.
  7. I have a 5' dual mast with manual spools and 2 Otter Boards in very good condition for sale. $200 firm. Text for pictures if desired. Grand Haven area. 616-502-1597
  8. I would take a table. Captain Mike Jansen
  9. To make sure you don't lose a board, replace the OR-16 with a big snap swivel. To keep the board in place from sliding down while fighting a fish, put a rubber band around the line 2-3 times and put the line and rubber band into the snap. It's very easy to undo the snap and take them out when reeling in a fish. The only drawback to this method is that you don't get any slack in the line between the two clips, but at least you aren't spinning circles after $25 boards due to pads that you didn't know were bad until they didn't work anymore.
  10. the water's cooled down and most of your hits should come 30-60 down. I would start in 100-140 and put it on an east that last hour to finish in 70-80. Blue UV BW meat rigs took the majority of my hits on sat pm, the last time i was out. the last hour was fun, going 4-5 with all big fish.
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