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  1. Looking for any and all Shakespeare WCC tiger blank trolling rods. Please please please help me find these rods for my father. Message me here or call/text @ 517-610-1242 Thank you for your help! Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Do you still have the 10' taloras? Dereck 517-610-1242 Text or call please let me know
  3. Looking to purchase digi troll 2 down riggers. Please contact 517-610-1242 or email [email protected] Thank you
  4. Has anyone been out of Frankfort lately? I'm looking for a report for this weekends fishing trip. Any info will help
  5. I am actually looking for the 9ft rods so I'll have a little more room between my outside riggers and dypses but thank you and I'll keep you in mind if I can't find the 9s
  6. Does anyone know where a person can get the okuma convector gl roller rods in 9ft length? Otherwise what is a good roller rod to use? I am looking to get the okuma brand simply because I have and love my okuma rods I am using for coppers and cores. Thanks for any input Keep em' bangin
  7. Hey Matt,

    For some reason I can't post a thread yet. If you can please post for me and see if anyone has or can get those manuals for the digi-troll 2 cannon downriggers.

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