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  1. I agree with Mike, you can't replace the adrenaline rush of catching a 20# king on a low diver!
  2. I started working at Walstrom Marine on the river 2 weeks ago been to busy to get any fishing in yet??? But I have seen alot of boats fishing in the morning from the marina up river to the second bridge. I have also seen people shore fishing in front of the Dnr station south of the first bridge. I have been seeing lots of bass and pike along our docks only a couple walleye.
  3. Thanks for the information on the river, I will probably hold off on fishing in the river till it slows down a bit. I like to stay away from big numbers of boats, it takes away from the relaxing part of fishing. I will probably stick to steelie fishing from shore till I get my big boat out on the lake.
  4. I will try and get a picture of the rod holders that I made for my dipsy's. I used my big john down rigger plates to make it easier to change back to down rigger's but I found only 2 down rigger's, 2 mag divers (with the rod tips under water) and two slide divers over top worked really well ,probably will never run 4 down riggers again. I ran 50# power pro, blood not to 20# mono than a swivel to about 2' of florocarbon. Snap the diver on the mono and then when it trips it will slide down to the swivel and stop not messing with the fish.
  5. We dont get the atlantics over here, that sounds like a great idea. Is there a better time of the day to go and what is a good color to start with. thank you
  6. If I was going to take a boat I would only take my 14' puddle jumper. Thunder Bay does not sound like a bad idea when I get the new floor done in my other boat. Most of my takle box is for salmon fishing. Any pointers on a few basic walleye lures that might land me a few eater walleyes near cheboygan.
  7. This spring i may be starting a new job in cheboygan. I am going up there on 3-14-12 to look things over. Looking for any info. On fishing for walleye, do i need to take my boat or can i just fish from shore. I have never fished a river for walleye any help here would be great!
  8. Last year I lost 2 lead lines from other boats, if there are any other boats around I will use all dipsy's
  9. I use 50# red power pro, I put as much braid I can get on the reel, I use the old penn reals they have a peg so the line cannot slip. It might be a little more costly at first but it pays off in the long run. The mono does not last as long, and if you you get the big one on I like to have as much line on the real as possible. Also with a dipsy I like to use a heavy short rod, with those big fish the drag cannot be to tight or you can bend the hook, braid does not streach, need as much line as possible. The new wallye board will hold a mag. diver, depending on weather, can use a lot of line just getting the board out.
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