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  1. The following items are for sale. Will accept PayPal and split shipping costs. 2 Cannon Rail Mount Downrigger bracket for Tracker Boat’s VersaTrack rails - $75 for the pair 2 Cannon Rail Mount Brackets with 6 inch Bert’s Track attached - $125 for the pair 4 Cisco VersaTrack Mounts with stainless steel carriage bolts - $50 a piece or $175 for all 4 LakeMaster Michigan / Great Lakes Maps Card for Humminbird Fish Finders - $75
  2. Set lines at 630 am straight out. Pulled them at 2 pm. Best water was between 90 and 105 feet of water. Ended up going 6 for 10 with 4 Lakers (15 lb largest), 1 10 lb King and 1 6 lb Steelhead. First hit came on flasher fly set 125 back for a 5lb Laker. Other 5 fish came on the same down rigger set 80 feet deep on a SilverStreak Blue Green Dolphin spoon. Had 2 hits on a 250 copper with a Red George spoon that we missed. Could not get any other rods to fire. Strange day with the same rod always hitting but at least we ended up with some action.
  3. Started around 7:30 am. Went straight out from piers and set up in 100 ft of water. Left around 4:30 pm and ended up 5 for 6. Caught my biggest fish ever at high noon. A 24lb king on rigger 101 ft down on a JP Slammer Glow Fire Dog spoon. Great fight, beautiful fish. Caught a 14 lb King on 200 copper with Blue Chilly Willy Caught a 13 lb Skamania on a 250 copper with Natural Born Killer Caught a 7 lb King on free slider on rigger with JP Slammer NBK Caught a 5 lb Brown on a 7 color with a black alewives spoon Over all a great day on the water. A little slow but worth it with the big Kings!
  4. My dad and I started fishing at 6 a.m. and ended around 2 p.m. for 7 for 14. Fish caught between 90 to 110 FOW. A first where every rod I out caught a fish. Caught 5 Steelheads (all between 7 and 9 lbs), 1 9 lb King and 1 8 lb Coho. Caught then on a rigger 90 down on a Wonderbread spoon, rigger 65 down on double orange crush, 250 copper with blue chilly willy, 7 color with a green colored spoon (not sure of name), dipsy set 85 back on mixed veggies and another dipsy with a Flasher Fly combo set 125 back. Overall, nice day on the lake.
  5. Hit the lake for the first time this year. Ended up going 3 for 4 with 2 Lakers and 1 Brown. 1 Laker was caught in 70 feet in water on a 250 copper with a black screwball spoon, Brown caught on rigger 50 feet of water on a wonder bread spoon. Other Laker was caught again on 250 copper with black screwball spoon. Lakers were roughly 7 pounds. Slow day on the lake but it was still great to finally make it out.
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