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  1. i enjoy bourbon neat, but scotch on ice....

    BTW.... I learned the other day that the term "scotch on the rocks" isn't talking about a glass with ice and scotch but rather rocks cooled by a river or stream in order to cool the whiskey.

  2. So the steering on my Starcraft from 1994 has been stiff for some time now and this year it is getting to an almost unusable state so I decided its time to change it out.

    Im debating on moving to a non-feedback system but I wanted the opinion of others before I spend the extra money.

    Its not that it was a problem before and its only a 90 hp motor, but the advantage of the motor not turning unless you want it to is a plus.

    the replacement is $180 and the non feed back system is $260


  3. So i currently have two dipsy roller rods that I will be using this season.

    im not sure if I have enough experience or the cojones to run wire.

    would there be any downside to running braid through a roller rod?

    silly question I know, but id rather make my mistakes with braid spooled on than wire...

  4. put the butt of the rod in your armpit as you reel in and hold the foregrip and guide the line on with your index finger and thumb...

    iv taken a few offshore charters and this is how they taught me

    the nice thing is that with no level wind the birds nests are much more manageable.

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